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August 15, 2012
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GA interior frame by hhello GA interior frame by hhello
For those that were wondering what my mecha were, here's whats underneath all that armor. This is the basic GA Frame of the I-07 [link]

The GAís main muscular frame is made up of super-conductive electroactive polymers. The Polymers are bunched into muscle groups to mimic their placements on the human body, therefore making this a near perfect biomechanical copy of the human figure.

The head contains the fitted computers and AI consoles, or the ďbrainĒ. Also the four open ports on the cranium are for connecting with the helmet for radar and additional optics. The head also contains dual, environmentally aware cameras for 3D vision, rendered through high powered graphics cards and further processed on the pilot's helmet mounted HUD. For complete field of vision, the pilot uses strategically placed cameras on multiple angles on the cockpit's canopy, and augmented with the head's cameras as well, creating a perfect 3D field of vision inside the cockpit. These cameras have shared functions, which include: infrared, night vision, topography, astrologic markers, (for space) and fluid currents.

Electronic circuits dot the major muscle groups for synchronized flexing. Muscles contain main groups of electroactive polymers connecting to the body and other muscles through tendons made up of durable flexi-carbon composite, a super durable, elastic material that is fused with the polymers at the ends of the muscles to connect them as needed. Signals are sent from the "brain" through a central wiring network going down the spine. This "spinal column" is made up of a network of bunches of fiber optic cables surrounded by a superconducting agent to aid with the reaction timing of the muscles. A human nerve signal typically travels at around 260 MPH but to compensate for the size of the frame it had to be increased six-fold for the suit to operate at the speeds that it does. Sensors located at each muscle group are interfaced with the pilotís nervous system so that the environment becomes known to the pilot. The pilot is then able to feel the exterior temperatures, pain, and touch through the frame itself. Compensators are built into the interlinking software to dull these senses when they become unbearable to the pilot. These compensators can be optimized to the pilotís uses for self-preservation functions, as our nervous system does for our bodies.

The frame's power comes from an interior fusion reactor. The reactor is placed within the ribcage of the frame and is encased on all sides with a foot of titanium alloy. This makes it so the nuclear properties of the heart do not become bothersome when the frame is destroyed. To aid with the sending of signals through the body, the heart processes a fluid that travels through all the major muscle groups to keep these statically charged. This fluid is made up of a plasma substitute, traces of iron, and a mix of superconductive materials. It has a very eerie resemblance to human blood. Although this "blood" solution is electrically charged it does not force a muscle to contract until a signal is sent from the central nervous system, via insulated fiber optic networks.

This entire muscular frame is incased within a flexible carbon fiber/ Kevlar weave. This water tight, bulletproof, flexible skin is what protects the frame from outside influences. Copper thread is interwoven into the skin to help shield from EM fields, and sensors dot the skin to augment the pilot's extrasensory functions. All forms of small arms fire is useless against this skin, only larger caliber rounds and anti-GA blades can do any real damage. Strangely enough if punctured the frame will bleed the "blood" that it has. So itís quite possible to bleed to a halt. But thatís only after the self-healing function of the skin happens to fail.

Now the overall size ratio of a typical military GA Frame is about 5:1 to an average 6ft tall pilot. The body's mass is that of an optimally fit human male, for performance reasons. There are female versions of the Frame but there is little application except for personal fancy, and exposition for those that can afford a frame by itself. (The armor adds on to the price tag exponentially) Although the size ratio is 5:1 the performance far outclasses that of a regular human even with the ratio. The naked frame can run about 120MPH, swim at around 50knots and jump to heights of 40ft. With armor additions, performance varies, but with the I-07 armor the land speeds are marked down to 90MPH and marine speeds are decreased to 45knots due to the weight of the armor the added flight pack increases jumping ability and range so for transportation and insertion, flight is typically the method used.

The fully functional hands are able to manipulate any weapon of rational size. Guns that are designed for GA use are typically interchangeable with units, as are blades, pole arms, shields, and handheld missiles (grenades).

Some other incorporated senses include heightened hearing and voice projection. The hearing is accomplished through super sensitive microphones, relayed through processors in the computer, through to the pilot. And speech is done the old fashioned way, through the use of powerful speakers.

So along with the performances, augmentations, and shared senses with the frame, a typical GA is a soldier, just blown up to gigantic proportions.
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I am  currently setting up a kickstarter account were im going to put a game idea on , the game idea is going to be called Gateway, and the first thing i need is some concept artits and i was wondering if you wanted to do some concept art in the future for some robot stuff like a robot race like this one  and some more robot stuff, (i like this robot in your picture because it has imitated muscle tissue and that's what im looking for in my game)  here is the run down of the game idea so for..

This project is about a game called Gateway. It starts out at Area 51 and it explains in an intro video (in the game) how we did confiscate a flying saucer at Roswell, and how we back engineered it and found out how to open gateways to alternate realities here on Earth. Then it goes on to show you how we made a few friends while exploring these gateway. 

       There are 3 of these races are factions. They consist of the robot people, evolved dinosaur people, and the magical people. (i will come up with the actual race names in the future)The robot people are from a alternate reality where technology progressed faster and the human race converted its self into robots over time. The Evolved dinosaur people are exactly what it sounds like. They are from an alternate reality where the dinosaurs did not die out. To be precise the Troodon dinosaur lived on to evolve into a brute and intelligent reptile humanoid. and last but not least the magical people from a magical realm. They are from a alternate reality where the universe its self formed differently and a magical like force runs through there body from their universe, making their veins glow orange, and they can only do magic in other alternate realities if their wearing a mini gateway device on the back of their neck that draws the magic force from their universe to them. 

        Then after the intro video is over you can pick between these races and human race(human race is equal to the other race's ability's, I will explain later) No matter what race you pick you start at Area 51 , where you work and live with the people at Area 51. You wake up in your bed or charging station if your a robot ,inside your room . Then  you find out shortly that your participating in a time travel experiment today , via a video call by a scientist  on a LCD screen on the wall. Along with one of each of the other races. You make your way to the time travel experiment location, but on your way you notice a few Easter eggs inside a few rooms like a flying saucer in a hanger, and in another room , Two gateways facing each other while a ball flies out of one and into another and it repeats its self but each time it changes colors and shapes. then later still on your way to the location  you hear two guys talking about how there's planes to make a walking shark at another secret base.

        Now finally you have reached the location of the time machine. Then you and there other races are instructed to enter the odd looking round shaped container , its all white inside and  you all sit facing the center in a circle fashion , with a strange device in the center. You can see the scientist through a few windows in the device. and they start counting up the power input. "ten percent , 30 percent , 50 percent ,70 percent" (time machine starts to shake) "80 percent, 85 percent. 90 percent" (more violent shaking )"95 percent", then you can hear a scientist say "wait somethings wrong stop stop abort abort" then through the window you can see some gateways open up and some demons come through then you can hears screams from the people and demons roaring. Then the time machine is transported to 5 years in the future , and instantly the view in the window changes to blood red skies and at the same time a red emergency power light in the time machine comes on in the middle of the ceiling. Then you can hear stomping sounds getting louder and then a roar and a giant demon rips the top of the time machine off and about that time, the demon is taken out by a giant gun turret from the left( but his right side). After that  a team of army people come out to save us and bring us in the compound. As we exit the half destroyed time machine we find our selves in an open area full of dead demon creatures. We all make it inside the compound  and we are greeted by shocked scientist and army guys, saying things like "we didn't know you all would actually show up 5 years later " and " the experiment worked," another guy reply's yeah but look what happened to all of the realities. so we are debriefed about what happen and it turns out , when they did the time travel experiment it caused random gateways to open in every alternate realty,releasing demons from a dark place . but we are also told about how we improved our technology in five years to battle these demons. for example the robots have made advance laser technology and the magic people have made fighting spells and the Dino people have integrated weapons into the arms and made chemical based weapons the humans have taken the magic tech and combined it with our guns so we have weapons with magic fused with them, like enchanted guns.

      Each race have their own ability's and attributes. to explain the robot people can see through walls using infrared. and they can move fast for a short period of time causing your point of view to be distorted because your going normal speed while everything else is slow motion. they also take less damage and their special attack is a metal ball that floats up in the air  then shoots lasers at all directions and spins around slicing up all the enemies in the area, and they have advanced laser guns.  The Dino race have blade attachments on their arms and chemical based guns you can upgrade and they are strong and they can change colors to the surface they press against. they also have an ability called instinct that shows them alternate routes to places that high lights red or leads you to hidden ammo or something useful. and their special attack consists of a gateway opening up and a stamped of dinosaurs run over the enemies. The magical people have a series of elemental spells that can be combined into weapons and they can summon magical creatures to fight for them . for example, a swarm of little mean fairies with blades or a lava Golem. They can also see gateways before they open and attacks before they happen in a see through kind of way so you can have the best advantage of finding cover in the right place. and their special attack is a time bomb that stop time around them for about 30 seconds or less and they can go around stabbing or casting spells on the demons . and last but not least the humans. The humans  have back engineered Alien technology that consists of hyper dimensional weapons and antimatter weapons.

Thanks for the invite! But I'm sorry I'll have to decline. I'm currently in the army and I don't time to work on my art anymore.
Best thing i have seen yet.
Haha thanks! more to come. =)
Where is the cockpit located?
Its on a backpack, you should be able to find a link to the frame fully armored.
Oh, I getcha! I thought the backpack was all engines. :)
HAUDUKEN Nov 27, 2012  Professional General Artist
I didn't realize they where so...tall...O-O still awesome; though the idea of fighting something like that count me out!- unless i had my own good piece and an interestingread too
Hahaha Thanks a bunch! But everything these frames can wear can be scaled down to human size. =P
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